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What is a Havanese?

The Havanese is also known as the Bichon Havanese, Havanezer, Bichon Havanezer, Bichon Havanaise or the Havanaise. It is a breed of dog with origins in the Mediterranean. The ancestors to the Havanese found their way to Cuba, probably aboard boats, and became the breed we know today through their breeding in Cuba. These dogs were once given as very special gifts to the wealthy people of Cuba, later being found in nearly every Cuban home. After problems arose in Cuba the breed almost completely died out but was saved by dedicated breeders in America. Since then, the dogs have also become popular in Europe and some have returned to Cuba. Today they are the Cuban national dog.

Havaneses are part of a toy variety of dogs known as the Bichons(Fleecy dogs), which also includes the Bichon Frise and the Bolognese. They are also suspected to have some Maltese and Poodle origins. Havanese are quite small and weigh about 3-6 kilos on average. They come in almost every colour, the rarest of these being chocolate and chocolate parti. Various colour variations of the Havanese are accepted in different parts of the world.

These little dogs are generally extremely social and clownish little personalities that just adore children and get along well with other pets. They are also well known for their love of high places. They are small, yet sturdily built with quite strong little frames. They should be neither overly bulky nor too refined in feature.

The coat of the Havanese is long and silky, preferably wavy. It requires extensive grooming and care, but when looked after, is a gorgeous sight to see. The coat should be brushed at least every second day with great care to reduce breakage.

In all, this dog makes a wonderful companion for the loving and dedicated owner.







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