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Below are a collection of the very best Havanese web sites that I have found. To be added or removed from the list, click HERE. Just click on the name and it will take you to the site.

Name: Description:
This website database will absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY! It has information on nearly every Havanese in existence, including pedigree, photos, colour definitions, origins, breeder, need I go on? My advice? GO THERE NOW! And please, if you have any information on unlisted dogs, let this woman know!
HEART is a non-profit, organization dedicated to research and education benefiting the Havanese breed.  A wonderful, dedicated site. A must for all breeders.
Havanese ABC's A wonderfully informative site with the lot!
This site is choc-a-block with great photos of a wonderful breed.
A great quiz that helps you choose your ideal dog. Some rare breeds included.
A list of Havanese puppies for sale worldwide.
If you live in Australia, these really are the people to contact about purebred dogs. Well worth a visit. You can find the breed standards on this site.
A great site that gives you the low-down on the Havanese breed in general. Also has many, many other breeds.
Yap Wear: Very funky Aussie dog clothes!
A very cute site all about fun things that you can do with your dog. Everything from Agility to Musical Freestyle here!
The site for dogs, dog breeders, dog show results and more! An Aussie Dog community that includes the Havanese Breed, A bit bare at the moment, but look out my information article in the Havanese Section!
A Havanese group with message board and chat features. Great for international contacts!
This is easily the nicest Havanese site I've ever seen. Havanese Resue is dedicated to rescuing and re-homing Havanese that have fallen by the wayside.





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