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This page contains a list of scheduled project events.

In addition, we maintain the following prioritized lists of what we're working on this week, and what we plan to do on a long-term basis:

This Week:

Giving the site a good overhaul and makeover.
Sorting out my VCA Membership.
Work on buying the rest of my puppy toys, brushes, accessories, bedding, etc.
Making contact with AQIS and foreign Havanese breeders. 

Long-term Plans

  1. Join the Victorian Canine Association.
  2. Buying my first Havanese puppy.
  3. Become a member of HEARTBreeders.
  4. Obedience training, agility as well if possible and if the coat allows it!
  5. Showing my dog in the ring and hopefully winning a few shows.
  6. Buying a second Havanese and obedience training him/her, as well as agility if I can...
  7. A fair bit more showing of my Havanesers. Hopefully a lot more awards too!
  8. Beginning the first Victorian Havanese kennel.
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Sunday 16/11/03.

Site make-over complete!

Sunday 26/10/03.

Beginning of the site make-over.

Thursday 25/9/03.

Royal Melbourne Show. I FINALLY get to meet the Torza Kennels clan, and Torza Diamond Tiara takes out the Best Of Breed!

Friday 19/9/03.

Tripod's Havanese Online is Fully Fuctional.

Friday 5/9/03, 4.15pm

All tidy-ups of the website complete.

Friday 5/9/03, 1:30 pm

The birth of this website!

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